This is a sample of books that I’ve read but not yet cited.

(Will be updated shortly)

John Milbank – Theology and Social Theory

In this book John Milbank argues that secular reason is in fact an alternative to theological reason. Secularity argues that it is a neutral view of life. Milbank on the other hand argues that it no more than an lesser form of theology.

If you can see past Milbank’s tendency to belittle alternative thinking than his own then this book is a must-read for any theologian interested in post-secularity.


Bruno Latour – We Have Never Been Modern


Bruno Latour – Reassembling the Social

William T Cavanaugh – Being Consumed

William T Cavanaugh – The Myth of Religious Violence



William T Cavanaugh – Migrations of the Holy

William T Cavanaugh – Theopolitical Imagination


Stanley Hauerwas – The Peaceable Kingdom

Alasdair MacIntyre – After Virtue

Alasdair MacIntyre – Whose Justice? Which Rationality?